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Garage Door Opener Buying Guide: Types of Drives

craftsman garage door openerIf you’re in the market for a new garage door opener, chances are you have found they use several different types of drives: belt drives, chain drives and screw drives.

Belt Drives

Belt drives use a sturdy, rubber-like belt for opening and closing garage doors, and are generally the quietest type of drive. They offer years of service and require minimal maintenance over time, although belts can wear out and require replacement.

Chain Drives

Chain drives use a metal chain to open and close garage doors, and are the oldest and most popular type of opener. They tend to be the most economical, but are the noisiest, and may not be a smart option if the garage is under or adjacent to a room where quiet is preferred! Chain drive openers are fairly dependable but can require maintenance or replacement over time.

Screw Drives

Screw drives use plastic-lined tracks to reduce noise and are midway in cost and noisiness relative to belt and chain drives.

Choosing to offer solutions that are both economical and the ultimate in quiet, Sears Garage Solutions offers a variety of garage door openers that use belt and chain drives. Contact us for a free in-home estimate today!