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Garage Door Repairs Spokane

Sears Garage Doors in Spokane and Spokane Valley is running some great specials right now on garage door repairs. Below is a list of some of the coupons you can take advantage of:

Garage Door Belt Opener $369.99

ULTRA QUIET. For smooth, ultra-quiet performance. Perfect for homes with rooms above or near the garage. Includes: Two 3-Function Remotes, Motion-Detecting Control Console, Wireless Keyless Entry Pad, Infrared Safety Sensors, Twin Panel Lighting, 10 Yr. Motor Warranty, 3 Year Parts/90 Days Labor, Delivery, installation, and haul away included. No coupon is required. Some restrictions may apply.

Free Service Call With Repairs

FREE SERVICE CALL WITH REPAIRS. A value of $65! Includes 20pt Safety Inspection & Written Repair Estimate. Our Local Garage Door Technicians can provide adjustments, repair and replacement of your overhead garage door and openers. We Service Most Makes and Models. Call Today!

Free Service Call With Torsion Spring Replacements


FREE SERVICE CALL WITH SPRING REPLACEMENT REPAIR. A value of $65! Includes 20pt Safety Inspection & Written Repair Estimate. Spring prices vary depending on the size/weight/type/and age of door. Our technicians need to look at your door to quote an accurate price on spring replacements. Spring replacement repairs include 1 year labor and parts warranty. We offer up to 30K high life springs that last longer. Our Local Garage Door Technicians can provide adjustments, repair and replacement of your overhead garage door and openers. We Service Most Makes and Models. Call Today!

Free Overhead Door Estimate (New Doors) & $225 Off New Double Car Door

TOP RATED Sears Warranties & Customer Satisfaction. Local Sears Garage Solutions Technicians are some of the best in the business. See your garage door on your own home! We can show you colors, panel designs, door samples, insulation values, warranties, financing options and why Sears has some of the best warranties and affordable options in the market! Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Certified. Estimate is free when scheduled as a new free overhead door estimate. Proudly Serving Spokane & Coeur d’Alene.
DOOR SALE! Add beauty, Safety and Security to your home with a Top Quality Sears Garage Solutions Door. Sale on insulated & installed double-car garage door. No coupon is required, discount given at time of estimate. Some restrictions apply. Call for details. Serving Spokane & Coeur d’Alene 208.635.0484


Meet our Sears Garage Door Spokane Team Members

We had a chance to capture some photos of our team and wanted to share them with you. Our technicians are licensed, bonded and certified, and are friendly too! Give us a call if you have a need for garage door repair in Spokane or Coeur d’Alene, or most surrounding areas. We offer free in-home estimates on new garage doors. Contact us today!

Our Sears Garage Door and Repair team in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene

Our great Sears Garage Door and Repair team serving the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area

Our great Sears Garage Door and Repair team serving the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area

When to Repair or Replace your Garage Door

garage door repair in spokaneMaintaining your garage door is an important part of keeping your home safe, secure, and energy-efficient. It is likely the largest and most heavy piece of moving equipment in your home, and keeping an eye on how it’s functioning can ensure you keep your family safe. But how do you know when to simply repair your garage door or actually replace it? Here’s what we recommend.

When to Replace your Garage Door

1. For aesthetic reasons

If your door has become rusted, scratched, warped or damaged on multiple panels, or you are simply ready for an update to your garage door’s appearance, it makes sense to replace the entire door. To help you see what a new door might look like, you can use online tools like Sears’ garage door designer, that gives you the option to “try on” various garage door styles, colors, hardware and windows.

2. Due to major damage

If you’ve had a high-impact accident from forces such as high winds or a vehicle, where damage has been done to the garage door panels, springs and/or the garage door opener, you will likely need to replace it, especially because a damaged door can present a serious safety hazard.

There are multiple factors to consider when selecting a new door, one of which is whether to go with an insulated or uninsulated garage door. Read our related article about garage door insulation and how to decide which is right for you.

When to Repair your Garage Door

1. When it makes unusual noises

Your garage door mechanisms – the springs, rollers and hinges – can become squeaky through normal use over time. Using a spray-on lubricant specifically recommended for garage doors can often do the trick. But if the noise persists or sounds more serious than simple squeaking, we recommend calling a professional technician to perform a safety inspection.

2. When the cable is frayed

If you notice fraying on the cable, do not attempt to replace yourself. These cables are under significant tension, and high spring tension can cause serious injury and even death.

3. When the door does not open or close smoothly.

Most garage doors come standard with plastic rollers that tend to break or chip over time, causing them to get stuck in the tracks or become noisy. You may benefit from replacing your rollers with ultra-quiet nylon ball-bearing rollers that deliver years of quiet and smooth operation.

4. When only one panel is damaged

If damage to your garage door is isolated to only one panel, you do not need to replace the entire door. Ask your Sears professional technician about low-cost garage door section replacement. We can replace most makes and models of garage door sections.

With the amount of use our garage doors get, it is a good idea to schedule regular maintenance tune-ups in order to protect your garage door investment. Our Sears technicians can perform a cost-effective, 20-point safety inspection and tune-up to insure all of your garage door parts are tightened and functioning properly. Contact us today and ask about our current repair specials.

Sears Garage Door Solutions Spokane

3 Steps for a Winter Garage

When the fall season arrives, preparing the garage and its parts becomes a priority. As we have mentioned before in our blog, having a maintenance routine is important in order to have a smoothly functioning garage door throughout the entire year. With temperatures below 20°F and possible snow fall next week, if you haven’t already, now is the time to do 3 simple tasks to help keep your garage door working this winter season.

Step 1: Wash the Garage

Just like you would wash your car, use a gentle soap and water to scrub and clean the exterior of your garage door. Rinse thoroughly and dry. For an added shine, you can even wax the exterior of the garage. Not only will the garage door look fresh, but your garage door will benefit from the wax by preventing damages from acid rain, dust, and the hot rays of the Sun.

Step 2: Inspect Weather strips

Tis the season to ensure that your weather strips in your garage are not cracked or damaged. If damaged, make sure to replace with new weather strips to prevent drafts from the temperature from getting inside and vice versa. If your garage has windows, make sure to do the same check for the windows, as well.

Step 3: Lubricate

Now is the step that will help keep your garage door opening smoothly, even during snowy weather. Take a washcloth and wipe away the buildup grease and debris from any moving part, like the rollers and track. Next, using a lubricant, lubricate the rollers, hinges, and track of the garage door parts. Make sure you are using a regular grade lubricant that is made for machines.

Now that you know the 3 steps, pick the warmest day of the week and get your garage ready for winter. Do you need other assistance? Give us a call at (509) 795-3834 today!


Fall Time Maintenance


When the temperatures begin to drop and our cheeks tingle with the sensation of crisp cool air it lets us know that fall is here. Technically, there about 2 more weeks until we can say that the fall season is here. With that being said, now is the perfect time to begin the necessary fall time maintenance for all the garage door owners.

During the colder months of the year, it is important to inspect garage doors for several reasons. The main goal is to ensure that the garage door will function properly even in temperatures of below zero degrees Fahrenheit. An advantage to spotting and replacing any old or broken parts before fall season starts is that this is a time that is comfortable to do these checkups and repairs. For example, imagine trying to check the garage door and opener while it’s snowing outside. How cold and uncomfortable would you be? Do yourself a favor and plan ahead and prevent unnecessary hassles.

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Imagine… Your Man Cave!

GarageDoorsThere are many things that can be done with a garage door. Many go the more traditional route and keep their cars parked and hidden from the outside when not in use. Then there are those who use this space for storage. Some are clean and organized, while others are cluttered. What are you using your garage for?

Here is an idea, if you have a garage not in use and an extra space to store the items that were once in there, you can use it for something fun. Now, imagine your very own Man Cave. Can you picture it? Are the walls painted or decorated by framed heroes?

InsideGarageWith a budget and proper preparation, you can bring this man cave to life. Once you have your space picked out, such as your garage, begin planning away. Will you need paint for painting the walls? What kind of furniture will you have? Couch? Bar stools? Try picking a theme. This will help you find creative and distinctive objects to add to your man cave. Next is the entertainment…

If you have chosen a theme like NFL, then it is a MUST to have a TV in this area. This would be perfect to invite all your friends over to have a good time watching football in a man cave dedicated to the sport. Maybe include a gaming system like an Xbox or PS3.


Once you have created a list of your essentials, you are now able to constructively create a budget. You may have to cross objects from your list, if the budget cannot cover the price. Try to stay within your budget, so that you can keep your wallet, and possibly, your significant other happy.

Once you have a space, list of essentials, and a budget, you are now ready to beginning putting together your man cave. Enjoy!!

*Are you having issues with your Garage Door, visit our Website for a list of Our Services we provide!

Benefits of Garage Doors

GarageDoorsHaving a garage door or getting a new garage door is very beneficial for your family, your home, and your wallet. Some may look at garage doors as a luxury, but the truth is, you may have been misinformed. Anyone with a home and interest in garage doors can have one!

Here are a few benefits of having garage doors:

Increased Home Value
Garage doors are an investment in your home and worth every penny. They can add up to an additional $7000 on the value of your home and it would cost you less for a new garage door.

Improved Appearance of Your Home
Having a garage door creates a perfect parking spot for your cars while creating “extra” space for your belongings that just do not belong inside. From the outside, your garage door gives your home a sense of being larger, organized, and at the same time, it is tailored to your preferred style. For those who plan on selling in the future, your curb appeal for prospective home buyers increases, giving you a better chance for selling.

This is one of the biggest benefits of owning a garage door. Being able to park your car inside a garage will protect it from people, animals, and bad weather. At the same time, having an entry door to your home will allow you to safely park and remove your groceries and any other belongings from your car, on your own time, without every feeling as though someone can catch you off guard or take a few belongings while you’re inside.

Sears Garage Doors and Repairs understands that not everyone knows the facts about owning a garage door and we are happy to teach you. In today’s world, garage doors are less complicated and easy to maintain. We provide many options and styles because we know that not everyone enjoys the same type of garage doors. We are here to help and lend a hand when needed.

Call us today for a quote or simply to ask us any questions you may have. Visit our website for more information and to view our Gallery of Garage Doors.