Fall Time Maintenance


When the temperatures begin to drop and our cheeks tingle with the sensation of crisp cool air it lets us know that fall is here. Technically, there about 2 more weeks until we can say that the fall season is here. With that being said, now is the perfect time to begin the necessary fall time maintenance for all the garage door owners.

During the colder months of the year, it is important to inspect garage doors for several reasons. The main goal is to ensure that the garage door will function properly even in temperatures of below zero degrees Fahrenheit. An advantage to spotting and replacing any old or broken parts before fall season starts is that this is a time that is comfortable to do these checkups and repairs. For example, imagine trying to check the garage door and opener while it’s snowing outside. How cold and uncomfortable would you be? Do yourself a favor and plan ahead and prevent unnecessary hassles.

The key is preventative care…

Make sure to lubricate parts that help to open and close the garage door. This will help to make sure that everything operates smoothly as the temperatures continue to drop.

Check the seals on the garage door and ensure they are sealed tight. This will allow time to have the seal replaced or adjusted in order to insulate the garage and save you money through the colder months.

The garage door opener and its gears should also be checked. During colder temperatures, the garage door opener has to work harder to open and close the door that it can sometimes strip gears within the opener. Make sure to replace these gears, if needed.

When you routinely inspect your garage door and its parts, you will have a peace of mind knowing the condition of your garage door and knowing when it needs some TLC (tender, love, and care).

SearsGarageSolutionsLogoBlueCrewBIGIf for any reason you feel as though the garage door is too complex to perform these checkups, give Sears Garage Door Services a call and we can do it for you. In fact, we currently have a special offer on Garage Door Tune-Ups. Get a tune-up for only $59!! That’s a savings of $30 for a tune-up.

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