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Choosing an Opener

Your garage door opener is designed to be powerful, quiet and durable. That is why Sears offers only the best from trusted names such as, Craftsman, Genie, Chamberlain and many more.

To make an informed decision when deciding on which Garage Door Opener is best for your home you should consider the power, quietness, and safety and security of each opener.


Garage door openers must be able to handle the day to day task of operating your new garage door. Not only does the weight of your garage door need to be taken into account, so does the height! Sears carries both ½ horsepower and ¾ horsepower motors that are capable of handling most residential garage doors.


Is your garage door adjacent to a bedroom or living area? If the answer is yes, then having a garage door opener that is quieter than most, is probably important. This is why all of our garage door openers are constructed with their dependability and quietness factors at the forefront of our minds.

Types of Drives

Belt Drives

  • Use a sturdy rubber-like belt to open and close garage doors
  • Are generally the quietest type of drive
  • Offer years of service (some belts can wear out, though, and need replacement.)

Chain Drives

  • Use a metal chain to open and close garage doors
  • Are often less expensive than belt openers
  • Are louder than belt drives
  • Can require maintenance or replacement

Why Choose Us

At Sears Garage Doors we understand that your time is important and that is exactly why we know how to get the job done right the first time. We offer new garage doors, repairs, installations and openers. We offer unmatched quality, at unbelievable prices, with extraordinary customer service and all backed by the Sears Guarantee. With Sears Garage Doors our certified and highly trained technicians will insure the job is done correctly every time.‚Äč

Accessory Options

Sears Garage Doors-Spokane offers a large variety of accessory options to ease the operation of your new or existing garage doors. These accessories include:

  • Advanced Wall Consoles

  • 3-Fuction Remote Controls

  • Door Monitors

  • Master Remote Control

  • Battery Back-Up

  • 1-Function Remote Controls